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The health-conscious KiwiSun solarium concept is based on a special technology which was brought to life by our company (Black Care Ltd.) – a solarium manufacturer with decades of experience. The company, for 23 years, has specialized in development of medical lights. The essence of this technology is the special medical light which aims the health-conscious users.

Based on this many years of development, our goal was to create a solarium salon perfect in every respect, which can achieve a never-seen success, and also represents an outstanding business opportunity, investment. That is how KiwiSun, the health-conscious bio-solarium system was created in 2006. KiwiSun is the first solarium franchise having all of its machines to meet every EU standard, and in addition received the certificate of the Radiological Biology Institute. Thanks to its special green light, the KiwiSun green bio-solarium (with gentle action mechanism) gives a dazzling, natural, Caribbean-brown skin colour, produces vitamin-D, helps absorb calcium, increases the production of endorphin and an explosive, energetic well-being.

The success of our network is the result of a thorough background work and development by a team of professionals (advertising psychologists, designers, marketing professionals, engineers and solarium owners) working over a long period of time. Our intention was to create a milieu that would make those few minutes at a KiwiSun salon to be joyful moments. The interior appearance of our studios acts on the human senses.

In our franchise network, which is operating in 8 countries at the moment, we provide territorial exclusivity, central marketing, trainings, IT background, online services, salon design free of charge, name and image usage rights – and above all a ready, working concept that has proven itself already 66 times. We help our franchisees to keep their investment on the lowest level possible, as there is no entry fee, and (since we are the manufacturer as well) they can purchase the machines directly from us at manufacturer price. The salon equipment and furniture do not have to be purchased from us, but we still provide the franchisee with contact to the cheapest source of supply.  Our company does not profit from the franchisees joining our network, instead, we are interested in long time cooperation, because our revenue consists of mainly the sales of solarium tubes and cosmetic products. So we are constantly interested in the salons’ turnover.

Beside all this, our company offers more than 300 different cosmetics for the salons, with a full range of KiwiSun product-line. In recent years, a number of large international companies chose the KiwiSun franchise network to introduce or promote their new products, as the KiwiSun chain can guarantee direct access to customers, and the personal handouts of product-samples and company flyers to guests alongside some nice words. During the past few years, we have been working with well-known brands and partners such as Dove, Signal, Rexona, Milka, Gösser, Nescafé, Perwooll or Merck. 



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66 (Ireland, England, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Greece)

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  • territorial exclusivity
  • free of charge salon design
  • name and image usage rights
  • attractive brand-image and proven business concept
  • financial planning and investment calculations
  • manufacturer and cheapest purchase prices
  • manufacturer warranty
  • central training, handover of the entire know-how
  • central marketing and country-wide campaigns
  • local marketing support
  • official certificates, quality assurance system
  • software control and online services
  • hundreds of cosmetics and related products with own branded product line

continuous operational support, trainings, professional monitoring

kopējās investīcijas

  • There is no entrance fee!
  • Amount of total investment: 70-100 thousand €

Franchise (membership) fee: 120 € /machine /month

pamata nosacījumi

There is no need for any kind of previously gained professional knowledge or work experience, because the KiwiSun franchise provides a mature and complex concept to its franchisees. Thanks to this, almost anyone can successfully operate his or her own KiwiSun salon within the exclusive territory. 

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Fox Consulting Kft.

1139 Budapest, Rozsnyay u. 11.

+36 20 965 1681

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Mr. Péter Klein

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